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EMU Lines

Corporate Backdrop

EMU Lines is a part of a multifaceted corporate house that has, since 1989, established itself as a conglomerate of individual business entities with a strong presence in multi-modal International transportation.

As a neutral NVOCC company backed by a blend of unflinching professionalism and core innovative values, EMU Lines is a commitment to service with a global accent and a true customer orientation.

Armed with a team of qualified professionals, performing together towards excellence, the Company has created for itself a bank of satisfied customers. EMU Lines. It's a move towards total reliability.

Response Orientation

EMU Lines has a flexible organisational structure and a network of offices that look after particular cities in their respective domains. The objective is to maintain a 'Quick Response' Support System.

Online Tracking Advantage

Freight forwarders, consignees and consignors can avail of the Online Tracking facility for both inbound and outbound freight.

Mission And Goals

The corporate mission of EMU Lines is to be the most efficient and comprehensive distribution services network through a continuous effort in upgrading the key elements that form the very basis of service

EMU Lines aims at providing the most practical and effective Logistics Solution to a well defined target group by way of:

  • The most efficient and tailor-made shipping schedules for maintaining timely deliveries. On Time! Every Time!
  • A highly technologically advanced and user-friendly computer communication network, especially the web site, that enables online cargo tracking and facility to overseas partners for downloading shipping documents related to their shipments. This gives EMU Lines a definite edge in the trade, helping overseas partners, an access to all the shipping documents anytime of the day.
  • A highly motivated and trained team of professionals, financial credibility and integrity.
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